This Week in Worship: July 20, 2014

July 17, 2014 | from PastorBob Comments Disabled

I had the good fortune this past week to be invited to the wedding of a young lady who was in my first confirmation class here at Logan’s Ferry.  My wife and I had a great trip to Ithaca, NY for the wedding and then on to Chautauqua Institute for two worship services and a good visit with friends followed by a day in Erie with my wife’s college friend and her husband.  We have made that trip to Erie many times over our married life but this time, when we left and just because I had it with me, I plugged our home address into the GPS.  My wife questioned that action but I replied, “I just want to see how the GPS will get us to I79.”

This week in the 10:00am worship service as we continue looking into Paul’s letter to the Romans we will look at God’s GPS, the Holy Spirit and how God leads us to be; others-centered, others-serving, reconciling and interdependent.  As self-centered, self-serving, disconnecting and independent people, it is where we need to be headed.  And in the words of Maya Angelou, “All of God’s children need traveling shoes.”

“All of God’s children.”  We will consider Jesus’ statement about only those who are child-like  “inheriting the Kingdom of God” at our 6:00pm Vespers worship (to be held at the picnic grounds – 1010 Logan’s Ferry Road).  Think about that for a second.  Sure children are cute but they can also ‘push our buttons’ by being whinny, selfish and argumentative.  Is Jesus saying only the whinny and selfish will inherit the Kingdom of God?  Join us for this brief worship service followed by ample time for food and fellowship as we worship God in the midst of God’s creation.  All are welcome.