This Week in Worship – August 17, 2014

August 14, 2014 | from PastorBob Comments Disabled

If someone sent you a selfie of themself with gum on their shoe and the text read; “Nuts! Gum on my shoe while here at the ball game.  The Steelers are giving the Bill a pounding!,” would you feel sorry for them or envious that they were at the game while you were not?  What do you think they were intending you to feel?  That example would be what is now termed as a “humblebrag.”  The intent, more often than not is to mask the “Wow!  Look at me!” in a covering of “Oh woe is me!”  The story of Joseph could easily be looked at as a humblebrag if it were not for the fact that he kept looking at the blessings in his life and giving God the glory.  At our 10:00am service we will look deeper into Joseph’s life for some life lessons of our own.

At our 6:00pm Vespers worship we will deal with the same Scripture passage but with a: “I don’t care what you say pastor, what that ‘snake-in-the-grass’ did to me is unforgivable!” standpoint.  Have you ever felt like that.?  Have you been betrayed by a friend, spouse, loved-one or employer and felt like what they did hurt so deep that you could never offer forgiveness?  How do we handle the injustice that surrounds us?  In what forms do we take our revenge?  As usual, our Vespers worship will take on an air of wholeness and healing.  As always, a food and fellowship time will follow the worship service.  All are welcome.