A-K Bridges

 “Big View Meeting”

Community Outreach & Education

A community-wide Re-Visioning meeting for our community was held on at the Westmoreland County Community College New Ken campus.  The purpose of this meeting was to give voice to all businesses, organizations, churches and individuals who are concerned about the problems associated with poverty in our area.  Everyone had equal voice as we first sought to determine our strengths and assets and then begin to brainstorm ways to put these strengths and assets to work within our area by networking and combining our efforts.  Although this meeting was spearheaded by Circles, those also involved in the success of this meeting included Penn State Extension, WEDIG and IUP.  This meeting is viewed as the first step in bringing about change to the 15068 zip code area.  As data, comments and shared information is compiled, additional meetings will be forthcoming.  Please watch this site for updates.